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The History of Blum's Almanac

“Not to forget our yesterdays, not to ignore our present and not to fear looking ahead to the future.”

John Christian BlumThese words have exemplified Almanacs throughout the ages. From the very first attempts to understand the relationship between the heavens and earth to these modern days at the start of another century, Almanacs have coexisted with and survived the many changes through the ages.

The Almanac - 1829When the first printing press came to America in 1638, the second book off that press was an Almanac. From that point forward, Almanacs continued to grow in popularity with Ben Franklin’s Poor Richards Almanack achieving world-wide recognition. Without an efficient means of distribution, Almanacs tended to be localized. So it was with Blum’s Farmer’s and Planter’s Almanac which was started in Salem, North Carolina, in 1828 by John Christian Blum. Blum was an enterprising businessman living in a time and place where there were few advantages. He brought into the area a second hand printing press. He and his two sons had to make their own paper and ink, set type by hand, and operate their non-electrical press.

Current AlmanacThe original Blum’s Almanac cost 10 cents each and assuming that Blum printed and sold 500 copies, his gross income for that year would have been $50.00. Regardless, Blum continued publishing the Almanac along with other commercial printing and various short-lived newspapers. Blum’s sons continued the company until they passed the ownership on to two loyal employees. In 1926, J.B. Goslen, Sr. purchased the rights to the Almanac and the Goslen family has published it since that time. Allen S. Goslen and Mark A. Goslen, the current editors, are therefore members of only three families who have edited Blum’s Almanac in its 190-year history.

Longevity and a long -history of success has been sustained over the years by the popularity and acceptance of up-to-date household tips, delicious recipes, successful gardening hints, astronomical data, calendar -information, etc., plus a little hard work and elbow grease.

As in the past we realize the importance of time-tested, proven values and are happy to present to you this 2018 edition of Blum’s Farmer’s and Planter’s Almanac.