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Letter from the Editor

Letter from the EditoWhat Does the Almanac Mean to Me?

My first memory of Blum’s Almanac is as a very young child visiting my family’s printing company on Main Street in Winston-Salem, NC. The sounds and smells outside of our facility at that time were of industry and tobacco. The sounds and smells inside of our walls were of production and ink. I’ve always loved the roar of a printing press and the rhythmic pattern generated by the equipment. I still find it exhilarating to this day. I also remember helping my dad on my 8th birthday bind a small book on our saddlestitcher located upstairs in the old facility. My grandfather was also there helping, and I thought it was pretty “neat” to be with both of them.

My grandfather purchased the copyrights to Blum’s Almanac in the 1920’s and was President and Editor for over 50 years until his death in1979. My father then assumed these positions and worked tirelessly until recent health developments have slowed his pace. It is with great honor, that I had the opportunity to work with these two gentlemen. We now continue to work hard and enthusiastically in today’s digital world and in a dedicated manner that has continued for multiple generations.

So, simply put, to me Blum’s Almanac means family. It also means tradition, history, wisdom, perspective, facts and useful data, as well as a little logic and whimsy brought to you every year – I hope with anticipation! Growing up, every fall I would always ask my mom where my dad was. Her answer was simple. ‘He’s at work son. It’s Almanac season.’

May we all be so blessed to have such a beautiful season in our lives. Enjoy this year’s edition.

Mark A. Goslen