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  • Year-long weather guides, full page calendars, weather forecast area map, monthly moon phases and interesting weather information. It’s your best source for an early forecast.

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Helpful Gardening Information

  • Gardening Guide: According to the Moon Phases and Signs
  • Seven Simple Steps to Exceptional Compost
  • Tree Pruning Tips
  • What Does N-P-K Stand For

    Long Range Weather Forecasts

    • A Summary of the U.S. Weather in 2018
    • A Monthly Look at the 2018 Weather

    Miscellaneous Articles of Interest

    • A Simple Explanation to Life
    • Focus on Health
    • Gold! Gold! Gold! in the Klondike!
    • Life in These United States
    • On the Road with Blum’s Almanac
    • The Art of Snowmaking
    • The Magical Rockefeller Center
    • The War of the Worlds
    • When Is National Flag Day?

        General Almanac Information

        • Gestation Table
        • Living by the Signs
        • Notable Days
        • Phases of the Moon
        • Wonders of the Sky
        • Best Days to Fish

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