February Holidays and Observances

Since 1887 we have relied on expert groundhog meteorologist Punxstawney Phil to predict the beginning of spring weather in the United States. On February 2nd every year Phil comes out of his burrow after a good winters rest. If he sees his shadow it means six more weeks of winter weather; no shadow means an early spring. Groundhog Day falls on a Wednesday this year (let's hope for an early spring!)


Valentine's Day is certainly the most notable holiday in February. Falling on Monday, February 14th this year, Valentine's Day is a day set aside to show those you love that you care about them. Flowers, chocolates and cards are top gifts given and received this day. No matter how you choose to do so, we hope you show those you care about a little extra love today!


Tuesday, February 15th is Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday. Susan B. Anthony was a champion for equality. While probably most well known for her role in the women's suffrage movement, she was a strong supporter of equal rights and opportunities for all and played active roles in the movements for abolition, the rights of labor, and equal pay for equal work.


On Monday, February 21st we are celebrating many historic figures. This year, we are not only celebrating Presidents' Day. Presidents' Day began as a celebration of George Washington's birthday which fell on February 22nd but was moved to the third Monday of February in 1971 as part of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, an attempt at creating more 3-day weekends for the nation’s workers. Presidents' Day is now a day of patriotic celebration and remembrance.


Historical Events

The Chinese New year, which is also known as the Lunar New year, was celebrated on Tuesday, February 1st. The Chinese New Year is celebrated on the First day of the month of the Chinese calendar between January 21st and February 20th.  The Chinese New year is a festival that celebrates the New Year on the traditional lunisolar and solar Chinese calendar. The festival is sometimes referred to as the Spring Festival because it marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

The Chinese New year has many customs and traditions including fireworks, family gatherings, visiting friends and family, lion dancing, and giving of the red envelope. The Chinese New year is a grand celebration that focuses on fortune, happiness, and prosperity. The Chinese New Year is 16 days long, but is only considered a public holiday for the first 7 days.

This Chinese New Year will also be the beginning of the year of the Tiger. The year of the tiger is associated with the Tiger’s attributes of bravery, confidence, and strong will. Other Years that were also the year of the tiger include 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, and 1938. People born in the year of the tiger are considered to be daring and courageous, enthusiastic and courageous, and very confident


From the Almanac

If there’s a “Ready, Set, Go” for the gardening season, it’s the last frost date. The date of the last frost varies from place to place. Mark your calendar and start planning!


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