Interesting Facts

  • June is the month with the longest daylight hours in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest daylight hours in the Southern Hemisphere. 
  • Warren G. Harding was the first U.S. President to broadcast a message over the radio on June 14,1922.

June Holidays and Observances

June starts off with Ember Days falling on June 3, 5, and 6. According to folklore Ember Days are excellent days for destroying unwarranted growth - regardless of the moon phase or sign.

Sunday, June 14th is Flag Day.
Flag Day is observed in the United States on June 14. It commemorates the day in 1777 when the Continental Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes of our flag, it then only had 13 stars to match its 13 stripes. Sweden, Denmark, Romania, and Argentina also celebrate their flag days in June!

Summer Solstice occurs on June 20 at 5:44 pm EDT.  Summer solstice is the longest day of the year and marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. For our Southern Hemisphere friends, this will be your shortest day of  the year!

We wrap up June with Father's Day on Sunday, June 21st. Father’s Day celebrations were first proclaimed in Washington State in 1910. President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea in 1924, but it wasn’t officially approved by Congress until 1972.

From the Almanac

Hurricane season has begun and it can be a terrifying time for those who live in coastal states. The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June 1 until November 30th and typically has an average of 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes. This year, however, predictions are being made for an above average season. With two storms named before the beginning of hurricane season it is important that we stay alert and ready for what might come.

Naming hurricanes began in 1953 to identify Pacific storms with the use of female names. In 1978 both male and female names were used and in 1979 the use of names to identify storms was adopted for Atlantic storms. The 2020 list of Atlantic hurricane names is: Arthur, Bertha, Cristobal, Dolly, Edouard, Fay, Gonzalo, Hanna, Isaias, Josephine, Kyle, Laura, Marco, Nana, Omar, Paulette, Rene, Sally, Teddy, Vicky, and Wilfred.

Gardening Wisdom

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