Weather Forecasts

March 2024

Section 1: Atlantic Coast


1-3: Decreasing showers over New England. Rain breaking out over the Southeast.

4-7: Very strong winds and a potent dose of heavy precipitation.

8-11: More rain and snow for New England; lesser amounts to the south.

12-15: Turning drier, arctic air spreads in from the west.

16-19: Wind and heavy rain to the Northeast; Southeast turns much warmer.

20-23: A hefty dose of wind and rain; severe storms for Florida.

24-27: Increasing warmth; a few thunderstorms over parts of the Southeast.

28-31: Midwest storm moving toward New England; producing snow to the north and heavy showers and thunderstorms to its south. Showers and scattered thunderstorms over the Southeast. Some of the activity could be locally heavy.

Section 2: East of the Mississippi River


1-3: Balmy breezes.

4-7: Turning colder, snow showers as far south as Kentucky; from the Tennessee Valley and points south, warm temperatures, then cold.

8-11: Heavy rains and snows over the Ohio Valley. Tennessee Valley to the Gulf Coast sees showers.

12-15: Cold, but dry.

16-19: Winter storm moves from Central Plains to Great Lakes.

20-23: Storm moving north may provide portions of Kentucky and Ohio with rain and wet snow.

24-27: Rain and snow sweeps into Wisconsin, Illinois and parts of Michigan and Indiana by the 27th. Thunderstorm threat for Mississippi, Alabama and portions of Tennessee.

28-31: Midwest storm produces snow to the north and thunderstorms to its south. Showers and scattered thunderstorms Tennessee and Mississippi Valley.

Section 3: Rockies to Mississippi River


1-3: Storm over the Northern Great Plains brings blizzard danger; farther south, wintry precipitation.

4-7: Another storm brings changes in temperatures. 8-11: Heavy rains and snows over the Plains. 12-15: Rain and snow cover large areas of the Great Plains. 16-19: Winter storm over the Central Plains, wet snow for parts of Kansas and Missouri; turning much warmer over the Deep South with heavy rain. 20-23: Clear and cold. 24-27: Storm moves east from Wyoming bringing snow to the Dakotas and Minnesota. Thunderstorm threat from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Colder with frosts into the Louisiana Coast. 28-31: Mixed clouds and sun.

Section 4: Pacific Coast to Rockies


1-3: Rain or (over higher terrain) snow, and cold for the Northern Rockies; heavy wintry mix for the Southern Rockies.

4-7: Yet another storm is nearing the Pacific Coast by 7th.

8-11: Dry, fair weather, rain by the 11th. Very cold air over the Northern Rockies.

12-15: Storm brings wind and precipitation, and then slides off to the south and east.

16-19: Chilly; strong winds for California.

20-23: Clear and cold for the Rockies.

24-27: Storm from Pacific enters near Oregon-California border, and then sweeps rapidly east. Storm continues to move east from Wyoming bringing snow to Montana.

28-31: Slow, gradual clearing.