August 2019

Section 1: Atlantic Coast


1-3:Widespread showery and humid weather.

4-7: Intervals of clouds and sun.

8-11: Hazy sun; muggier. Areas of haze and fog linger over the Southeast states, then clearing and hot.

12-15: More clouds than hazy sun, with a few scattered showers.

16-19: Rain moves in from west; possibly heavy at times.

20-23: A brief respite from wet weather, then heavy rains for the Northeast. Farther south, just hot and humid weather.

24-27: Heavy rainfall gradually gives way to cooler and drier air. Over the Southeast, thunderstorms increase, then turning cooler.

28-31: Renewal of rainy/thundery conditions is followed by a surge of unseasonably chilly air over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Mixed clouds and sun for the Southeast, along with a possible residual shower or thunderstorm.

Section 2: East of Mississippi River


1-3: Unsettled, with showery rains.

4-7: Clouds mix with intervals of hazy sun.

8-11: Clear, hot, and humid.

12-15: Slow-moving storm system and its attendant weather fronts deposit plentiful rains from the Great Lakes south to the Gulf Coast.

16-19: Rains may briefly end in a few places, but return by the 19th. 20-23: Heavy Great Lakes thunderstorms; heavy rains for OH Valley. Hot and humid from TN to the Gulf Coast.

24-27: Heavy rains gradually subside and then it turns somewhat cooler and drier. TN to the Gulf Coast see an increase in thunderstorms, then cooler and drier air filters in.

28-31: Unseasonably chilly air from Canada brings more relief farther south, following heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Section 3: Rockies to Mississippi River

1-3: Hot, humid weather for the Great Plains. 4-7: Possible severe thunderstorms, accompanied by downpours and large hail.

8-11: Clear and dry.

12-15: Light showers for the Northern Great Plains; more clouds than sun farther south.

16-19: Thunderstorms are widely scattered.

20-23: Chilly Canadian air enters the Northern Plains by the 23rd. Meanwhile, farther south, it remains hot and dry.

24-27: Heavy rain Northern Plains and all points east; then it turns somewhat cooler and drier. Southern Plains see increasing thunderstorm activity.

28-31: More unseasonably chilly air from Canada brings more relief, following heavy rain and thunderstorms over the Great Plains.


Section 4: Pacific Coast to Rockies


1-3: Showery weather for the Pacific Northwest to the Northern Rockies. Over the Southwest, mixed clouds and sun. A shower or two possible.

4-7: Intervals of clouds and sun.

8-11: Fair skies.

12-15: Light showers for the Northern Rockies. Elsewhere, cool and dry.

16-19: Continued fair weather.

20-23: Chilly Canadian air enters Rockies by the 23rd. Clear and dry. Heat increases over the Southwest.

24-27: A few passing showers. Thunderstorms for the Southwest desert region.

28-31: Fair and dry. Warm-to-hot temperatures.