Weather Forecasts

June 2023

Section 1: Atlantic Coast


1-3: Thunderstorms for Northeast US and New England. Mainly dry elsewhere.

4-7: Wet weather; thunderstorms pop Mid-Atlantic states, Carolinas to Gulf Coast.

8-11: Fair skies.

12-15: Showers for the Northeast/New England south to Florida, then fair.

16-19: Dry weather for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, strong thunderstorms South Carolina and points south to Florida.

20-23: Heavy rains, then turning fair. Squalls for Florida.

24-27: Hot and dry followed by thunderstorms for Pennsylvania and points south.

28-30: Turning hot again. Oppressively humid Southeast states.

Section 2: East of the Mississippi River


1-3: Fair and pleasant Kentucky and all points north; farther south warm and sultry.

4-7: Mostly fair and turning warmer north, but scattered thunderstorms for the Tennessee and Mississippi River Valleys and the Florida Panhandle.

8-11: Wet especially for the Great Lakes; possible severe weather; tornadoes for Michigan, Wisconsin? Dry farther south.

12-15: Showery, especially Great Lakes; elsewhere, thunderstorms, then turning fair.

16-19: Fair then dangerous thunderstorms; strong thunderstorms Florida Panhandle.

20-23: Heavy rains for Ohio Valley, then turning fair. Squally for Gulf Coast.

24-27: Hot and dry, then scattered thunderstorms.

28-30: Fair and continued hot. Oppressively humid across the Tennessee and Mississippi Valleys.

Section 3: Rockies to Mississippi River


1-3: Rainy over the Central and Southern Plains.

4-7: Warm, then showers for Rockies through Nebraska/Dakotas region. Squally Southern Plains. Thunderstorms for Gulf Coast.

8-11: Thunder storms over the Dakotas, south to Kansas. Threatening skies over Southern Plains.

12-15: Sunny over the plains and points west.

16-19: Fair, then thunderstorms over Nebraska and Kansas. Squally for Texas/Oklahoma Panhandle.

20-23: Thunderstorms along the Gulf Coast. Thunderstorms for Arkansas east to the Tennessee Valley. Thunderstorms for Missouri.

24-27: Fair then unsettled for most sections with rain.

28-30: Stormy weather sweeps east into the Rockies.

Section 4: Pacific Coast to Rockies


1-3: Stormy for Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and points east; winds for California.

4-7: Hot over the South west.

8-11: Showers in from the west.

12-15: Sunny skies.

16-19: Clouds and showers; thunder storms over Arizona, New Mexico and points east.

20-23: Sunshine and hot for northern and southern sections.

24-27: Mainly cloudy skies for Arizona and New Mexico.

28-30: Hot weather, then stormy over northern sections; hot and dry weather gives way to unsettled conditions over southern sections.