SECTION 1: Atlantic Coast

1-3: Scattered showers.

4-7: Pleasant for New England; warmer for Mid-Atlantic and hot and oppressive farther south through the Carolinas to Florida.

8-11: Thunderstorms, followed by clearing skies.

12-15: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Hurricane threat for the Atlantic Seaboard.

16-19: Rain followed by clearing and cooler.

20-23: Fair for Northeast; showers for the Mid-Atlantic Region. Rainy
weather for the Carolinas south to Florida.

24-27: Thunderstorms, followed by clearing and colder conditions. Squally for Carolinas to Florida, then improving conditions.

28-30: Changeable skies.

SECTION 2: East of Mississippi River

1-3: Scattered thunderstorms.

4-7: Pleasant for Great Lakes; warmer for Ohio Valley and hot and oppressive farther south through the Tennessee and Mississippi River Valleys.

8-11: Thunderstorms, followed by clearing skies.

12-15: Fair skies.

16-19: Rain for the Great Lakes, then clearing and cooler. Showery farther
south, then clearing.

20-23: Severe thunderstorms move into the Great Lakes area by the 23rd; changeable skies for the Ohio Valley with showers.

24-27: Thunderstorms through the Ohio Valley. Squalls farther south, then fair and chilly.

28-30: Squally for Great Lakes; unsettled Ohio Valley and points south.

SECTION 3: Rockies to Mississippi River

1-3: A few thunderstorms, followed by clearing.

4-7: Generally fair weather.

8-11: Thunderstorms for Texas and along the Gulf Coast and across the Plains States.

12-15: Mostly fair weather.

16-19: Rain for the Plains States and points east; showery for central and southern sections, all followed by clearing and cooler conditions.

20-23: Thunderstorms race rapidly east from the Rockies, across the Plains; possible tornado activity for Oklahoma/Kansas.

24-27: Squalls over Texas sweep east, followed by fair, chilly weather.

28-30: Unsettled again over Texas and points east; squally for the Plains States.

SECTION 4: Pacific Coast to Rockies

1-3: Showery weather.

4-7: Generally fair weather, then stormy for Washington and Oregon; squalls sweep toward the Rockies by the end of this period.

8-11: Fair from west-to-east.

12-15: Unsettled conditions sweeping in from the West Coast to Utah, Colorado.

16-19: Pleasant, weather returns.

20-23: Unsettled for West Coast, thunderstorms develop into the Rockies.

24-27: Improving conditions.

28-30: Showers, mixed with wet snowflakes over the higher terrain of Idaho and Montana.