April 2020

Section 1: Atlantic Coast


1-3: Mostly fair, very mild for Northeast; fair, pleasant Southeast.

4-7: Showers/gusty thunderstorms New England, New York and strong-to-severe thunderstorms from Mid-Atlantic and all points south, then turning fair.

8-11: More showers spread in from west.

12-15: Fair skies; drying out for the final round of the Masters in Augusta and Easter Sunday.

16-19: Showers/thunderstorms into New England, then fair. Thunderstorms also Mid-Atlantic states, some with heavy rains, then fair and pleasant. Thunderstorms proliferate along the Gulf Coast through Carolinas, then fair/pleasant.

20-23: Pleasant weather. Sunny skies for Patriot’s Day and the Boston Marathon.

24-27: Rainy from Maine to Virginia, except heavy, late-season wet snows over the higher terrain, then fair. Showers over Southeast to Virginia border, then fair.

28-30: Stormy and unseasonably warm


Section 2: East of Mississippi River


1-3: Sharp Midwest cold front translates into tornado threat for Illinois, Indiana and western Kentucky. Thunderstorms threaten the Tennessee and Mississippi valleys.

4-7: Fair skies, pleasant conditions, except showers/thunderstorms along Gulf Coast and parts of Mississippi/Tennessee valleys.

8-11: Showers across Illinois/Michigan and points east, then fair. Scattered showers over the southern states.

12-15: Fair weather.

16-19: Showers/thunderstorms, then turning fair and pleasant.

20-23: Fair, then unsettled northern sections; fair farther south.

24-27: Showery, then fair.

28-30: Turning stormy.

Section 3: Rockies to Mississippi River

1-3: Squally weather for the Plains. Potential tornado threat Kansas and Missouri and points south.

4-7: Fair skies and pleasant.

8-11:Showers across the Plains, then fair. Scattered showers Louisiana.

12-15: Fair weather, then clouds increase for Easter, followed by stormy weather; squally Northern Plains; cloudy skies Southern Plains.

16-19: Clearing skies; becoming fair.

20-23: Showers over the Plains. Unsettled weather Texas.

24-27: Fair, followed by clouds. Stormy weather Northern Plains. Winds/showery over Southern Plains; stormy Texas/Arkansas.

28-30: Stormy Colorado, across the Plains. Gusty winds/showery for Southern Plains; stormy Texas and Arkansas


Section 4: Pacific Coast to Rockies


1-3: Clearing along West Coast. Strong thunderstorms Nevada, Utah, and parts of Arizona and Colorado.

4-7: Fair skies, pleasant conditions.

8-11: Unsettled weather. Windy/showery Nevada, Utah, and parts of Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico, then pleasant.

12-15: Fair and dry for Easter Sunday.

16-19: Fair weather.

20-23: Fair, then unsettled, especially Pacific Coast. Showers for Rockies.

24-27: Fair skies return.

28-30: Unsettled Colorado, Utah; varying amounts of clouds and sun, with a risk of showers elsewhere.