July 2019

Section 1: Atlantic Coast


1-3: Rain from New England and south to FL; then clear.

4-7: Fair skies and pleasant. Hazy and muggy across Southeast states, with thunderstorms over FL.

8-11: Thunderstorms shift east into New England by the 11th. Hot and dry over the Southeast.

12-15: Showery weather persists; Rains eastern Gulf States.

16-19: Unsettled conditions. Warm and humid over the Southeast.

20-23: Thunderstorms for the New England region; thunderstorms from NC south and west into northern FL.

24-27: Clear, hot, and thunderstorms for New England to FL.

28-31: Showers and thunderstorms. Warm to hot.

Section 2: East of Mississippi River


1-3: Clearing skies.

4-7: Fair and tranquil. Hazy and muggy from TN to Gulf Coast, with risk of a thunderstorm.

8-11: Thunderstorms shift through Great Lakes and east. Farther south, hot and dry.

12-15: Showers taper off; cloudiness lingers.

16-19: Unsettled conditions; warm and humid.

20-23: Heat increasing; risk of thunderstorm.

24-27: Hot temperatures, especially KY. Severe weather threat: thunderstorms. Some storms, especially for parts of MI, are capable of large hail.

28-31: Thunderstorms cover Great Lakes and the OH Valley and east. Warm-to-hot temperatures.

Section 3: Rockies to Mississippi River


1-3: Clear and warmer for Great Plains and west.

4-7: Fair, dry and warm weather for Plains.

 8-11: Thunderstorms over the Northern Great Plains. Storms lead to localized flooding problems from TX panhandle and south.

12-15: Very warm for the Great Plains and points west.

16-19: Unsettled conditions for the Great Plains and all points east; warm.

20-23: Storms for southern TX.

24-27:Warming up and dry from KS and points north; hot and thundery elsewhere.

28-31: Cooler and drier Canadian air covers Northern Plains after heavy showers. Hot elsewhere.

Section 4: Pacific Coast to Rockies


1-3: Fair and warm Pacific Northwest; Southwest: hot with scattered storms.

4-7: Fair skies and pleasant, showers and still hot for parts of AZ.

8-11: Showers for the Pacific Northwest, all moving to the east. Thunderstorms over the Northern Rockies. Changeable skies for the Southwest under mixed clouds and sun. Risk of a thunderstorm.

12-15: Very warm for Pacific Northwest. Clouds, and even a few widely scattered showers, over the Southwest.

16-19: Pacific Northwest: a few scattered showers. Warm and dry over the Southwest.

20-23: Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies are cool. Monsoonal storms over AZ and NM.

24-27: A few showers for Pacific Northwest. Hot and dry for the Southwest.

28-31: Cool and dry Pacific Northwest. Cooler and drier Canadian air again covers the Northern Rockies after outbreak of heavy showers. Continued heat for the Southwest.