November 2020

Section 1: Atlantic Coast


1-3: Fair and cold Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states; pleasant Southeast.

4-7: Unsettled conditions Mid-Atlantic states, then fair/cold. Unsettled in Northeast with heavy rains, possibly mixed with snow in the mountains. Southeast is unsettled with showery/thundery conditions.

8-11: Fair skies.

12-15: Some rain New England, then fair. Rain up to Maryland-Virginia area. Rain over Southland.

16-19:Wintry mix up through New England; clouding up over the Mid-Atlantic. Pleasant over Southeast.

20-23: Rain Mid-Atlantic states, then fair, colder. More rain/wet snow, then clearing, colder elsewhere in Northeast. Rain across the Southeast, then fair, colder.

24-27: Unsettled for Northeast and New England, light snow, followed by clearing for Thanksgiving. Fair over Southeast, and then rain.

28-30: Mostly fair skies. Milder over the Southeast.


Section 2: East of Mississippi River


1-3: Rain or wet snow Great Lakes. Pleasant for Mississippi and Tennessee valleys.

4-7: Stormy over nation’s midsection sweeps heavy precipitation through Ohio Valley, then fair, cold. Showery/thundery conditions farther south.

8-11: Fair skies, followed by clouds, but still pleasant. Hurricane threat for Gulf Coast.

12-15: Some rain, then fair.

16-19: Storm out of the Southwest dumps snow and rain through Great Lakes. Pleasant farther south.

20-23: Fair, cold Great Lakes, and points west. Rain for lower Mississippi Valley, then fair, colder.

24-27: Light snow through Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, then fair skies for Thanksgiving. Farther south, clouds

give way to rain, followed by clearing.

28-30: Fair, then stormy across Midwest and Great Lakes. Dry and milder farther south.

Section 3: Rockies to Mississippi River

1-3: Stormy across Plains to Texas.

4-7: Stormy Missouri and Arkansas, then fair/cold. Clearing, cold elsewhere.

8-11: Pleasant, with strong winds and heavy precipitation over Plains. Wet snow northern New Mexico and Texas, into Oklahoma and Kansas.

12-15: Rain Texas and points east, followed by clearing. Fair skies elsewhere.

16-19: Plains states: Blustery with snow.

20-23: Fair, cold.

24-27: Not good for Thanksgiving travelers: light snow over Plains and points east. Fair skies, then rain Texas.

28-30: Fair, then stormy. Snowstorm across Plains. Fair and then rain Texas.


Section 4: Pacific Coast to Rockies


1-3: Mixed sun and clouds; pleasant, except turning stormy Utah and Colorado.

4-7: Clearing skies, chilly.

8-11: Pleasant, then winds and heavy precipitation for Rockies. Snow for Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and northern Arizona.

12-15: Fair skies.

16-19: Blustery with showers Washington/ Oregon. Storm over Southwest states; snow Utah and Colorado.

20-23: Fair, chilly.

24-27: Unsettled for Thanksgiving time, with showers Washington/Oregon. Light snows Nevada, Utah, parts of Arizona, and Rockies, then fair/cold.

28-30: Fair, then stormy; snowstorm Utah and Colorado; showers/thunderstorms Arizona.