December 2021

Section 1: Atlantic Coast


1-3: Fair skies in the Northeast. Showers from Middle Atlantic States down into Florida.

4-7: Storm sweeps off the Mid-Atlantic Coast bringing widespread snowfall. Snow for West Virginia and northern Virginia. Elsewhere, showers and strong-to-severe thunderstorms, possibly a few tornadoes.

8-11: Clear and turning colder.

12-15: Cold in Eastern States; scattered showers and flurries.

16-19: Unsettled in New England; possibly icy. Showers in Mid-Atlantic States and southward, then clearing.

20-23: Increasingly cloudy with rain/showers for the Northeast and New England.

24-27: Frigidly cold weather from the Arctic, especially over the Northeast, with scattered snow showers and flurries. Across the Southeast, unseasonably chilly with a few scattered showers.

28-31: Fair and cold for the East, then becoming milder in time for 2022.


Section 2: East of Mississippi River


1-3: Clouds, cold winds and a few flurries. Gusty winds and rain/snow east into parts of the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, east into the Texas/Oklahoma Panhandle.

4-7: Snow for Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and eastern Illinois. Scattered showers and possible heavy storms in the Tennessee and Mississippi Valleys.

8-11: Flurries north; clear and cold south.

12-15: Cold and dry; scattered showers toward Gulf coast.

16-19: Unsettled in the Ohio Valley. Clearing farther south.

20-23: Increasingly cloudy.

24-27: Brutally cold in the Great Lakes and Midwest. Not as cold farther south.

28-31: Fair skies with moderating temperatures as we near 2022.


Section 3: Rockies to Mississippi River

1-3: Gusty winds, rains and snows for Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico.

4-7: Pleasant in Central States.

8-11: Some light snow or flurries, trending toward rain and showers for Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

12-15: Cold in Central States. Fair for the Plains, then unsettled.

16-19:Clouds give way to clearing skies.

20-23: A blast of Arctic cold for Minnesota, Dakotas, Nebraska and Iowa; not as cold farther south with a snow shower or flurry.

24-27: Fair skies and not so frigid.

28-31: Scattered snow showers/flurries just in time for 2022.


Section 4: Pacific Coast to Rockies


1-3: Showers along the Pacific Coast.

4-7: Fair and cold for the West, then stormy with strong winds and heavy precipitation.

8-11: Big storm moves out of the Southwest: gusty winds, then clearing skies.

12-15: Fair in California, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, then unsettled.

16-19: Clearing on West Coast and points east.

20-23: Stormy with snow in the Rockies. Squally in the Southwest.

24-27: Fair skies and colder for the Pacific Coast.

28-31: Scattered snow showers for the Rocky Mountains. Clearing for West Coast as the year ends.