February 2023

SECTION 1: Atlantic Coast


1-3: Increasing cloudiness; downright balmy for midwinter.

4-7: Much colder with scattered flurries for Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states; Showers of rain and possibly wet snow over the higher terrain of West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina and turning much chillier.

8-11: Very cold with scattered snow showers and flurries; partly sunny skies. Across the Southeast US, intervals of sunshine and breezy with perhaps a brief shower of rain or (over high terrain of North & South Carolina and Georgia) wet snow.

12-15: Rapidly moving storm bringing rain and wet snow. Clouds increase farther south.

16-19: Partial sunshine; major warming.

20-23: Unseasonably warm; many 50’s and 60’s for New England. Perhaps even 70° for one or two spots for the Mid-Atlantic? Farther south, it seems more like mid-May.

24-28: Fair and dry, though not quite so warm.

SECTION 2: East of Mississippi River


1-3: Mainly fair skies north; increasing clouds Tennessee and points south. Unseasonably mild.

4-7: Widespread snow showers and flurries. Showers Tennessee and Mississippi Valleys.

8-11: Flurries, mainly over the Great Lakes; changeable skies elsewhere with gusty winds and perhaps a brief shower.

12-15: Flurries around the Great Lakes; farther south it’s wet weather followed by fair skies and a warm-up in temperatures.

16-19: Partly sunny for the weekend; moderating temperatures.

20-23: Unseasonably mild.

24-28: A bit cooler under varying amounts of clouds and sun.

SECTION 3: Rockies to Mississippi River


1-3: Turning decidedly colder with snow showers and flurries; frigid over the Northern Plains.

4-7: Snow falls across Missouri and Arkansas, then fair and cold. Cold rains for Louisiana; then clearing with frosts possible to the Gulf Coast. Cold and dry everywhere else.

8-11: Fair skies then flurries over the Northern Plains; rain showers over the Southern Plains to Texas.

12-15: Fair/cold, then unsettled conditions; rains over the Gulf Coast.

16-19: Stormy for Kansas and Missouri and all points south.

20-23: Fair skies, and cold winds.

24-28: Snow for the Rocky Mountain states, across Plains and points east. Showery and windy for Texas. Some rain for Louisiana.

SECTION 4: Pacific Coast to Rockies


1-3: Fair initially, then turning stormy: wet for California, snow Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

4-7: Dry and chilly.

8-11: Fair at first, then turning wet as a Pacific disturbance moves inland.

12-15: Fair, then stormy/unsettled weather rapidly spreads across the region from west-to-east.

16-19: Stormy over Colorado; clearing skies elsewhere.

20-23: Fair skies, then showers break out from west-to-east.

24-28: Light showers followed by clearing skies; windy from Arizona and points east.