Weather Forecasts

May 2024

Section 1: Atlantic Coast


1-3: Frequent showers and thunderstorms for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions; dry and hot over the Southeast.

4-7: Cool conditions. A blocking weather pattern shapes up: storm center over New England.

8-11: One storm departs an another arrives from the Central States. An increase in shower and thunderstorm activity.

12-15: A few light rain showers spreading up from the south by the 15th.

16-19: Skies gradually clear; milder temperatures.

20-23: Very warm and dry.

24-27: Frequent rain showers then fresh colder air sweeps into New England; warm and humid over the Southeast states.

28-31: Clearing skies, seasonal weather after early showers, especially in New England.

Section 2: East of the Mississippi River


1-3: Stormy days for Great Lakes. Dry and hot Tennessee south to the Gulf Coast.

4-7: A blocking weather pattern shapes up: storm centers in New England and Pacific Northwest prevent a storm over the central states from progressing east very much.

8-11: Most states east of Mississippi River are stormy.

12-15: Clear, and turning milder over the Great Lakes; partly cloudy for Tennessee south to Gulf Coast.

16-19: Thunderstorm activity south to the Gulf Coast. Brief downpours, damaging winds, hail and even isolated tornadoes.

20-23: Turning dry and progressively warmer.

24-27: Frequent rain showers, followed by fresh colder air sweeps in from west; localized thunderstorms pop over the Deep South.

28-31: Fair skies Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. Farther south, showers initially, followed by clearing skies.

Section 3: Rockies to Mississippi River


1-3: Showery for Northern Plains; dry and hot for the Southern Plains, spreading east.

4-7: Squall line over the Southern Plains capable of breeding a few tornadoes.

8-11: Colder air from Western Canada rushes across Northern Great Plains to push the stubborn central states storm system east.

12-15: Clouds increase, and turning warmer.

16-19: Central and Northern Great Plains are stormy. Arkansas and Louisiana, watch out for thunderstorms.

20-23: Very wet from South Dakota through Kansas. Heavy rain over Oklahoma. Warmer for Minnesota south to Missouri.

24-27: Frequent rain showers then turning colder. Thunderstorms over Texas.

28-31: A few locally strong thunderstorms for Oklahoma and Texas.

Section 4: Pacific Coast to Rockies


1-3: Showers over the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies. Hot and dry for the Southern Rockies and Southwest.

4-7: Widely scattered showers over the Southwest.

8-11: Colder air from Western Canada rushes across Northern Rockies into Great Plains.

12-15: Unsettled again from Washington State and points east into Montana.

16-19: Clear and warmer West Coast. Unsettled, warm and humid Rockies and points east.

20-23: Unseasonably cold over the Rockies.

24-27: Frequent rain showers then fresh colder air sweeps from the Rockies and points east.

28-31: More possible showers.