July 2020

Section 1: Atlantic Coast


1-3: Clearing Northeast. Fair and hot for Mid-Atlantic and Southeast; many places in the 90s. Oppressively humid Southeast.

4-7: Widely scattered showers and thunderstorms – a few locally strong – could interfere with Fourth of July activities.

8-11: Widespread thunderstorm activity from Mid-Atlantic Coast through New York and into New England, then becoming fair. Farther south, fair and hot.

12-15: Windy, rainy, followed by clearing.

16-19: Hot and sultry weather; temps well into the 90s to near 100.

20-23: Strong-to-severe thunderstorms, then fair.

24-27: Showery/thundery.

28-31: Hot weather. Perhaps an isolated pop-up thunderstorm.


Section 2: East of Mississippi River


1-3: Fair, hot weather; many places well into the 90s.

4-7: Severe thunderstorms sweep in from the west, threatening the Independence Day holiday.

8-11: Mostly fair and hot.

12-15: Thunderstorms over Great Lakes. Rain and strong winds farther south.

16-19: Hot, sultry, followed by thunderstorms into Ohio/Indiana. Temps well into the 90s, nearing 100 degrees.

20-23: Severe thunderstorms Great Lakes and points east, then fair. Thunderstorms also across Gulf Coast.

24-27: Scattered showers/thunderstorms.

28-31: Hot temperatures. Only widely scattered showers/thunderstorms.

Section 3: Rockies to Mississippi River

1-3: Hot over the Plains; temps approaching 100.

4-7: Severe thunderstorms sweep east to the Plains. Possible tornado weather Kansas, Missouri, eastern Nebraska, through Iowa and Oklahoma. Big thunderstorms Texas, through Arkansas and parts of Louisiana.

8-11: Mostly fair and hot.

12-15: Thunderstorms for the Plains states.

16-19: Hot, then stormy Plains through Nebraska/Dakotas.

20-23: Fair skies.

24-27: Scattered showers across the Plains, followed by clearing skies.

28-31: Hot temperatures. Maybe a stray thunderstorm?


Section 4: Pacific Coast to Rockies


1-3: Fair skies. 4-7: Unsettled conditions for the Independence Day holiday over Pacific Northwest. Severe thunderstorms Rockies. Elsewhere, mixed clouds and sun; risk of a passing shower or thunderstorm.

8-11: Mostly fair and dry; warm-to-hot temperatures.

12-15: Unsettled weather, especially for Rockies. Variable cloudiness for California. No weather problems for the MLB All Star Game at Dodger Stadium.

16-19: Warm-to-hot temperatures. Widely scattered showers/thunderstorms over Pacific Northwest. Stormy weather Rockies. Monsoonal squalls New Mexico.

20-23: Fair skies.

24-27: Turning unsettled with scattered showers, especially Rockies, followed by clearing.

28-31: Warm-to-hot temperatures; risk of a renegade shower or thunderstorm, chiefly over Arizona and New Mexico.