January 2020

Section 1: Atlantic Coast


1-3: Rain and snow showers to Northeast and New England. Storm emerges from the Gulf of Mexico and brings rain.

4-7: Storm moving from Mid-Atlantic to Cape Cod brings snow. Wave of low pressure evolves over the Florida Peninsula and generates rain and thunderstorms for parts of the Southeast.

8-11: A break between storms.

12-15: East Coast storm: New England: snowy, windy. Windswept rains Maryland, Delaware; everywhere in between, a wintry mix. Showers over the Southeast, then fair.

16-19: Wet weather into New England. Fair, then showers to Virginia/Maryland area; unseasonably mild. Showers over the Southeast.

20-23: Rain across the Southeast. Bitter cold for Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

24-27: Snow to the Mid-Atlantic and New England; rain and showers Southeast U.S.

28-31 Fair, cold New England south to Gulf Coast


Section 2: East of Mississippi River


1-3: Cold winds, snow for Great Lakes and Ohio Valley; risk of flurries/showers and cold farther south to Mississippi/Alabama.

4-7: Blustery and cold; flurries for Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. Snow Mississippi Valley; rain Gulf Coast.

8-11: Snow spreads east into the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. Farther south, stormy for Mississippi Valley.

12-15: Snow, then fair and cold. Farther south across Tennessee and Mississippi valleys, some rain and wind, then fair.

16-19: Cold winds through Ohio Valley. Clearing skies Mississippi Valley, but windy.

20-23: Snow for Wisconsin and U.P. of Michigan. Farther south, rain and snow. Mild at first, then colder.

24-27: Frigidly cold air plunges south from Canada. Snow and squalls to the lee of the Great Lakes. Unsettled for Tennessee and Mississippi valleys.

28-31 Fair skies and cold.

Section 3: Rockies to Mississippi River

1-3: Fair/cold.

4-7: Milder, then flurries for Rockies and points east. Rain Texas and Gulf Coast, followed by clearing.

8-11: Fair, then unsettled.

12-15: Becoming fair/cold.

16-19: Light snow Plains, but windy.

20-23: Major storm cuts path from Texas Panhandle through Kansas, to northwest Missouri, on through Wisconsin and U.P. of Michigan. Heavy snows across the Great Plains.

24-27: Outbreak of Arctic air; temperatures as low as 40° below across the Northern and Central Plains.

28-31 Fair skies, then unsettled with snow; snow over Southern Plains. Rain and/or snow for Texas.


Section 4: Pacific Coast to Rockies


1-3: Fair/cold.

4-7: Milder in West, some rain and, over higher terrain regions, snow.

8-11: Fair, then stormy conditions arrive onshore in California from Pacific.

12-15: Partly to mostly cloudy, with showers of rain and wet snow.

16-19: Showers, especially along Pacific Coast, followed by clearing, windy weather.

20-23: Very unsettled: rain and, over higher terrain, snow, with a foot or more of accumulation, then turning colder.

24-27: Rain and snow linger, with additional accumulations possible, then fair and cold.

28-31 Fair, then unsettled with developing showers.