October 2019

Section 1: Atlantic Coast


1-3: Partly cloudy to clear with possible frosts for New England. Fair and warm over the Southeast.

4-7: Dry and cool.

8-11: Substantial rains in from the west, followed by clear and cooler weather.

12-15: Fair skies for the weekend; along the coast of the Carolinas comes another hurricane threat.

16-19: Blustery and cool northerly winds buffet much of New England. Muggy and quite showery weather covers the Southeast.

20-23: Cold northerly winds over New England, followed by showers. Cold weather for the Southeast states, including FL.

24-27: Rainy skies over the Northeast; cloudiness and areas of fog cover the Southeast states. Rain from the Carolinas south to FL.

28-31: Stormy weather, especially for New England. Clearer and drier weather over the Southeast.

Section 2: East of Mississippi River


1-3: Cold rains across the Great Lakes. Farther south, it becomes fair and warm.

4-7: Showers and a few thunderstorms – Great Lakes and points south to KY. Dry and cooler farther south.

8-11: Rains move to the east of Great Lakes; then clear and cooler weather. Farther south, showery weather, heavy for TN and AL; then clear and cooler weather.

12-15: Fair weather prevails for Columbus Day.

16-19: Humid and rather showery from the Great Lakes and points south.

20-23: Showers, followed by a mixture of cloud cover and some breaks of sun.

24-27: Considerable low cloudiness and areas of fog cover Great Lakes, OH River Valley, down to the Gulf Coast.

28-31: Dry weather; clearing skies.

Section 3: Rockies to Mississippi River

1-3: Rains move east across Northern Plains.

4-7: Many showers and a few thunderstorms move east from Great Plains.

8-11: Clearing and colder.

12-15: Mild, with showers for the holiday weekend.

16-19: Rain, or even snow, from MT south into parts of NM.

20-23: A rapid warm-up, followed by stormy conditions east into the Great Plains.

24-27: Clouds, scattered showers, steadier rain for CO, south to NM, and east to TX/OK.

28-31: Dry weather. Blowing dust over parts of the Great Plains.


Section 4: Pacific Coast to Rockies


1-3: Clearing and chilly. Cold rains over the Northern Rockies.

4-7: Unsettled over the Pacific Northwest; fair, and then turning windy with some showers over the Southwest. Rockies are dry and cool.

8-11: Light showers fall on the Pacific Northwest Coast; fair weather returns to the Southwest. Rockies are cold and clear.

12-15: A few passing showers for the holiday; mild.

16-19: Clear skies, then showery weather moves in. Rain, or even snow, from the Rockies.

20-23: A rapid warm-up, followed by stormy conditions over the Pacific Northwest; clear and hot for the Southwest states.

24-27: Mostly fair and chilly at first, then turning unsettled.

28-31: Stormy weather again for the Pacific Northwest. Meanwhile, skies clear over the Southwest.