January 2021

Section 1: Atlantic Coast


1-3: Fair, cold in northeast. Pleasant weather farther south to Florida.

4-7: Clouds on the increase.

8-11: Mixed clouds and sun.

12-15: Coastal storm brings heavy snowfall to upstate New York and central/northern New England; rough seas

along the coast. Wintry mix farther south for parts of West Virginia and Virginia. Across the Southeast States, scattered showers.

16-19: Fair, dry, but very cold down to the Virginias. Not quite as harsh farther south.

20-23: Changeable skies over the Northeast; snowy for West Virginia and the high terrain of western Virginia and North Carolina; sleet and freezing rain for parts of South Carolina and Georgia. Showers elsewhere down to Florida.

24-27: Mixed clouds and sunshine.

28-31: Partly sunny and blustery.


Section 2: East of Mississippi River


1-3: Fair, then increasingly cloudy skies.

4-7: Cloudy with a few rain/snow showers over the Great Lakes and Midwest.

8-11: Clearing skies and colder.

12-15: Storm tracks from Chicago to the Mid-Atlantic Coast. Snow north; showers south.

16-19: Fair, but very cold Great Lakes and Midwest; not as cold farther south.

20-23: Some light snow or flurries, but farther south, sleet/freezing rain for Tennessee and parts of Alabama and Mississippi. Showers for the Gulf Coast.

24-27: Changeable skies.

28-31: Fair skies; gusty winds for Tennessee and Mississippi River Valleys.

Section 3: Rockies to Mississippi River

1-3: Snow over the Plains States.

4-7: Lots of clouds. Widespread snow showers and flurries.

8-11: Unsettled with blustery winds; heavy showers falling on the Southern Plains.

12-15: Clearing skies. Chilly winds diminish.

16-19: Fair skies.

20-23: Snow for Missouri and much of Kansas, Oklahoma and northern Texas; freezing rain/sleet central Texas; showers south Texas. Changeable skies and cold elsewhere with scattered flurries.

24-27: Unsettled, blustery weather.

28-31: Clouds/wind/snow.


Section 4: Pacific Coast to Rockies


1-3: Changeable weather in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Unsettled and windy along Pacific Coast.

4-7: Clearing inland from the Pacific coast.

8-11: Changeable in Pacific Northwest: rain and snow over higher elevations. Showers in California. Unsettled conditions spread east.

12-15: Clear and chilly along the Pacific coast. Frosts on South Plateau.

16-19: Stormy; heavy snow for the Rocky Mountains, with up to 12 inches possible.

20-23: Clearing and cold; frosts for parts of California.

24-27: Showers along the Pacific Coast, spreading inland.

28-31: Unsettled and stormy, especially over the Pacific Northwest.