Hello Readers,

Here it is – the 2021 Edition of the Blum’s Farmer’s and Planter’s Almanac (published continuously since 1828). Recently, I was talking to a friend of mine about almanacs and was asked, “What is published in Blum’s and how is it different from other almanacs? And by the way, how do you come up with all of the information that is included in each new edition?”

Well, it got me to thinking. There is a lot of planning, editing, proofing, creating, testing, arranging, analyzing, checking, condensing, revising, discarding, fine-tuning, and downright common sense thinking when publishing the Almanac.

I like to think of Blum’s Almanac as a reference book containing weather forecasts, best planting days, astronomical data, recipes, folklore, gardening tips and articles of general interest – all combined with a little bit of playfulness & pleasantry (i.e. wit & humor) as our friend Mark Twain would say in our article on page 40. Blum’s is a great companion for the entire year!

I respectfully submit to you that all of us “Almanackers” present similar types of information, but in our own unique & different styles. This sort of makes the world go round if you know what I mean. Most of the fine people that are associated with Blums in any capacity generally have a spring in their step, fire in their belly, and a twinkle in their eyes – you know the type – up early, hardworking, lots of family & outdoor time, thankful, and maybe a little feisty from time to time. This sentiment towards life shows up in our body of work that we take pride in producing every year.

We come from a long line (generations in fact) of skilled, dedicated, community driven people that find pleasure in our work and love building and nurturing relationships with our readers.

With that said, we hope you enjoy our 2021 Almanac that is packed full of a little bit of everything to put it mildly – made just for you! Simple people can produce amazing things. We hope that is the case with this year’s edition.

Here’s to the simple life in today’s hectic world.