The love of printing started early for me! Growing up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, I loved visiting the “old Goslen Printing office” on North Main Street in the heart of downtown. Seeing my father, grandfather, and uncle working side by side inspired me to become a part of a long line of “printers” that had served the local community since 1872.

On each visit, I remember the smell of ink, the rhythmic pattern of each machine, the refreshing taste of an ice cold bottle of Coca-Cola from the breakroom, and also the simple fact that everyone seemed to be enjoying what they were doing. They were happy and they always had time for me. I was always welcomed which made me feel like I belonged. I must say, these short simple visits were the launching pad for my professional career.

I knew even then that I wanted to be a part of the history, the traditions, the challenges, and the overall legacy of Goslen Printing Company, Inc. & Blum’s Almanac. The richness of the individual lives that have been a part of our printing business, both family and non-family, is a testament to the positive impact our products, services, and overall way of doing business have had on our customers and our community.

One of our most famous products that we print and publish is what you are holding in your hand - Blum’s Farmer’s and Planter’s Almanac. Purchased by my grandfather in 1921, Blum’s Almanac has been in our family now for 100 years.

Hard to believe that our printing company was approximately 50 years old when my grandfather, Anpapa, purchased the copy rights to the Almanac. I remember asking him, “Why did you buy the rights to the Almanac?” His response was simple, “I was simply looking for something to print that people enjoyed and relied on.”

He was 74 when I was born and I had the pleasure of working with him two years before his death in 1979. I loved my grandfather. He had quite the work ethic.

As we embark on our 150th Birthday, it is not lost on me the many challenges that each generation of Goslens have faced. It is also not lost on me the satisfaction that comes from our family’s legacy of service to our community through our business. Things like the value of a hard day’s work, doing the right thing, using good judgement, building relationships that will last a lifetime, sharing laughter, respect amongst co-workers, and simply doing our best. These are the core values that allow us to publish once again a new edition of Blum’s Almanac.

The 2022 issue, our 194th Edition, is where you will find much of the information that you depend and rely on every year - produced in the most efficient, professional, pleasant, and colorful way. We hope you love it, because we love bringing it to you.

As this writing draws to a close, know that I have intentionally left out opinion and comments regarding the many challenges of the last year and a half. My idea is to look forward to a healthy tomorrow, one that is built on love and respect. I believe that what we all have endured over the past year or so, can and will make us stronger. Have a great year and thank you for being part of our celebration!