Where Will 2019 Take Us?

It is no coincidence that this year’s issue of the Blum’s Farmer’s and Planter’s Almanac bears a slight resemblance to the original Blum’s Almanac published by John Christian Blum over 190 years ago. As you enjoy this year’s edition, take note of the similarities from the very first issues ranging from the inclusion of weather forecasts, astronomical data, special dates & holiday listings, best days, and amusing stories found throughout the Almanac. We have also included two pages from our 1919 edition that provides a quick snapshot of life “back in the day.” We think you will find them to be very interesting. Although times are changing, the base content continues to and will always continue to stay the same. Of course, every edition includes plenty of new features some genuine and sincere, some lighthearted and fun, and some for factual reference.

In this issue, you will find some simple ways to live longer in our annual Almanac Focus on Health. Our On the Road feature took us to Arlington National Cemetery to visit the Tomb of the Unknown Solider – something every American should do if given the chance. We’ve also included an article on “America’s Preacher” – William Franklin “Billy” Graham, as well as a trip down memory lane with World Famous Animals.

In keeping to our name Blum’s “Farmer’s and Planter’s” Almanac – we’ve packed our pages full of gardening and planting tips that you will find to be useful and beneficial throughout the year. You’ll also find the best days to do a little bit of everything to help make your life a little better.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the talented, dedicated, hardworking group of folks that make a new issue happen every year. If you can’t tell it, we love bringing you Blum’s Almanac. Both the old and new picture of our team says it all.

Please enjoy this year’s edition!