Letter From the Editor

Each year, our staff always fields the question, ‘Is the Almanac as popular as it used to be back in the day and is it still relevant in today’s digital world?’ Well, it doesn’t take long for us to come up with our response. Our answer is an emphatic: YES! And you wonder why? Well, let’s talk.

Blum’s Almanac has always contained a hefty amount of invaluable, helpful, intriguing, and practical advice and information. Dating back to the early 1800’s when John Christian Blum published the first Blum’s Almanac, we include much of the same information the people of that day relied on. Of course, you’re familiar with the old staples: weather forecasts, astronomical and calendar data, best days for planting, recipes, and articles of general interest, all bundled into one beautifully printed package. Now, I will admit that we have occasionally changed our layout slightly along with some of the content as well. The reason being, our short list of editors over the last hundred years or so all realized that keeping up with the current times was necessary so that the Almanac would continue to appeal to all readers – past, present, and future. A must for any product or publication.

Dating back to the 1920’s, when my grandfather purchased the copyrights to Blum’s Almanac, there have only been 3 editors of our publication. Anpapa (as we called him), my Dad, and now myself. I think I can speak for my forbearers when I say that we have all been so blessed that our life’s work fit so well (almost skintight) over our “bodies,” both mentally and physically. We didn’t choose this position or type of work, it chose us.

Sure, there have been some extremely long hours, concerns over financing, thousands of details to dwell on, and compromises made at many levels. But I have to tell you, the answer to a simple question of: ‘Is it all worth it?’ Once again, is an emphatic: YES!

Our entire staff loves bringing Blum’s Almanac to life every year and we hope the 2024 edition is the best edition we have ever planted, nurtured, and harvested. You’ll be happy to find all of the old staples in this year’s issue and a few new ones as well. Enjoy all of the offerings in this year’s edition and let us know what you think – we always love hearing from you!

In closing, let me share a personal note. Now that I am of a more mature age, I realize that at certain times in my life, I had a garden in my mind that grew on bad & negative thoughts… now I recognize that we all have better things to plant. Invest in yourself and enjoy each and every day (hopefully with Blum’s Almanac by your side).

’Till next year!