Letter From the Editor

Working on Blum’s Farmer’s & Planter’s Almanac is always a learning process for me throughout the year. One minute I am reminiscing about the past – the next minute I’m dealing with and living in the present – the next minute I find myself concerned as well as excited about the future. (All while being somewhat exhausted.)

In reminiscing about the past – I have learned and accepted the fact that everyone – no matter how young or old – has “stuff” to deal with – important stuff, challenging stuff, hard stuff…life is tough. While living in the present – I’m learning how to access Zoom calls and how to “share my location” all while downloading numerous apps that will supposedly make my life better. I have to tell you… personally, I like face to face calls. I look forward to shaking your hand and telling you how thankful and grateful I am to be able to speak with you directly. And if you truly need to know my location, I’ve probably already called and told you that I am on the way. As far as the multitude of apps that are available these days…well, I don’t need an app to tell me to be kind, how to work hard, to show up every day and do the best I can.

So that leaves us with the future. In this year’s Almanac, just like the previous 194 editions, we provide you with an invaluable peek into the future. Our calendar pages tell you the moon and sun rise and setting times for the entire year. We provide you some planning options and advantages with our long range weather forecasts for all regions of the country. If you like gazing at the sky, see what is upcoming by checking out page 33 and read to your heart’s content. And of course, if you want to learn the “best” times for planting, harvesting, destroying weeds etc. for the new year, look at our Gardening Guide on pages 20 and 21 along with our monthly calendar pages.

All of this and more is presented in this year’s Almanac along with serving up a little wit, whimsy and good humor. I would offer that staying hopeful is a must these days – why not have an optimistic state of mind that is based on the expectation of positive outcomes with respect to everything going on around us. So, while you are planting your flowers, favorite vegetables, or simply living life – let’s plant hope in our everyday lives – by broadening our faith, nurturing our relationships, showing kindness and helping each other.
Together we can truly grow hope!

Well, I’m off to start working on next year’s Almanac – no need to worry too much about next year quite yet. Honestly, there is too much to do now!