Our History

The first issue of Blum's Farmer's and Planter's Almanac was published in 1828 by John Christian Blum in Salem, North Carolina. Blum was an enterprising business man living in a time and place that was quite challenging, but provided great opportunity to hard working people. Along with his two sons, Blum owned and operated a second-hand printing press on which various types of printed jobs were produced. 
The original Blum's Almanac, printed and published by Blum, consisted of an approximate circulation of 500 copies and were sold for 10 cents a piece. From these modest beginnings, rose a popular annual reference guide that is widely used and accepted to this day by folks everywhere.
The copyrights to Blum's Almanac were purchased from the descendants of John Christian Blum by J.B. Goslen Sr. (of Goslen Printing Company, Inc.) in the 1920's. Goslen Printing Company, Inc. owned the Almanac since then and took great pride in producing a new issue every year. In 2021, Goslen Printing Company, Inc. merged with Allegra Printing, who delights to continue to bring the Almanac to consumers all around the world.
Longevity and a long-history of success has been sustained over the years by popularity and acceptance of up-to-date household tips, delicious recipes, successful gardening hints, astronomical data, calendar information, etc. plus a little hard work and elbow grease.
p.s. You can still visit the Blum house located in Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC. Old Salem is a historic district of Winston-Salem and features a living history museum that interprets the restored Moravian community.