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Blum's Almanac

Blum's Fishing Guide

Blum's Fishing Guide

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A rolling subscription option is now available! If you purchase using the Yearly Subscription option, your subscription will auto-renew every year until cancelled. Never miss a year of Blum's!

Don't miss our other subscription options for the Almanac, Gardening Calendar, and Weather Calendar! Head to the individual product pages to subscribe.

Get hooked on the Blum’s Fishing Guide. Look inside for: Best Times and Days to Fish, Fishing Weather for 14 months, Moon Phases, and Fishing Holidays. All in a pocket size to carry with you or keep in your tackle box!

The 2025 edition is expected to ship in September.


How do the subscriptions work?

By subscribing today, your subscription will renew every year until you cancel. Subscriptions are set to be renewed in August, regardless of your initial order date, that way you’re ready to receive the latest edition(s) upon their release. You will be notified, via the email you give at checkout, 14 days before your subscription renews. The subscription price is subject to change and changes will be noted in the renewal email. Cancel anytime. Must cancel 1 day prior to renewal date to avoid the renewal charge.

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